A Better Way to Install Light Poles

We have been wanting to come up with a better way to build the light poles at our shop and deliver to the job site pre-assembled.  It really hit home this last winter when we had three insurance jobs to replace light poles and heads damaged from snow plows.

First job, set up the saw horses (used to hold the pole), mount the fixtures to the pole, run the wire down the pole, wire the fixtures, then used the bucket truck to lift onto the base.

Second job, we drove across town, set up the horses and began to attach the new fixtures and were missing parts and couldn't complete the job that day.  Wasted time for two men and had to return at a later date.  If we could have assembled at the shop, we would have known days ahead that we had not received all the required hardware.
Recent job at Dupont Hospital, we assembled 40 light poles at the shop in a controlled environment and delivered to the job site as needed.  We could haul 12 poles at a time.  It proved to save time on installation and reduce the need to dispose of cardboard and trash used to package the poles and fixtures.
Also, the stands come off the trailer and this trailer becomes a multipurpose trailer used for hauling transformers, switchgear, etc. 
                                                                                    Provided by Brian Votaw