Votaw Electric has been in business for over 40 years, and have some frequently asked questions listed below.

What is high resistance grounding?

High Resistance Grounding is a grounding scheme employed to prevent transient over voltages on ungrounded systems and limit fault current so that ground faults can be tracked without interruption of power to equipment. By limiting ground fault current arc flash is reduced providing for great safety for personnel.

How does poor power factor affect my utility?

Poor power factor effect on biling can vary widely from no economic impact to a very sizeable impact depending on your particular rate tariff. Large commercial or industrial facilities (over 1,000kVA demand) are often subject to power factor penalties. Consult your utility representative for tariff information.

What is TVSS? What does it protect from?

TVSS stands for Transient Voltage Surge Suppression. TVSS devices protect equipment from short duration, high voltage events. The most common are associated with nearby lightning strikes or switching of large loads. TVSS units work by clamping voltages to a safe level before equipment is effected or destroyed. TVSS equipment does not protect against sustained over voltages, under voltages, or power interruptions.